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Yard Scotland has tried everything to win the heart of Emerald Lake. Kolunia, Queen of Wishes, interferes in the situation, putting Emerald under an obsessive, murderous spell. Emerald might say she loves Yard now, but she wants to tie their lives together through death. John and Aberdeen must step in to rid Emerald of the curse before she can carry through on her plot to kill Yard. Besides, John has an ulterior motive for Emerald, as he wants to use her to find out what plans an old acquaintance has, one who’s had it out for John since the two parted ways over a decade earlier.

Awesome Stuff In This Book

There’s a sword fight and a beheading. Those are two separate scenes. And a grave robbery takes place off-screen.

This one is set at Halloween. I had called this novel done at one point, but I don’t think the Halloween aspect lived up to its full potential, so I’ll have to go back and revise a bit.

I love Yard. He’s obsessed with Halloween and likes Sherlock Holmes. (He’s named after Scotland Yard, in case you didn’t figure that out.)


Writing a contemporary fantasy series

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