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Aberdeen Scotland has never been lucky in love. All she wants is some uninterrupted time with Gryphon Holmes, the man with whom she believes she’s destined to spend the rest of her life. Circumstances have finally turned in her favor when Gryphon sets a day and time for the two of them to meet. John’s too busy dealing with the sudden reappearance of the wife whose soul he imprisoned in a tree over twelve years earlier to look out for Aberdeen. The former Mrs. Mazentius is back in the flesh, but revenge might not be the first thing on her mind.

What Happens In This Book

Aberdeen and Gryphon walk through a series of magic portals, one of which leads to a world taken straight out of the graphic novel she’s struggled for ages to create to impress him, a horrific world where gargoyle creatures from a videogame come to life and attempt to cover the world in darkness. Gryphon doesn’t want to leave, especially when he discovers that he has the power to teleport like the characters in the graphic novel, but Aberdeen recognizes the world as an extension of Kolunia’s realm and has to convince him to return to boring reality with her.

Romilly, John’s former wife, is back in her own body and walking the earth, but she needs to offer a soul as a tribute offering so that she can keep her immortality. Romilly has become one of my favorite characters to write. She’s the perfect example of how I don’t write villains, only characters whose goals are in opposition to others. Some win, and others lose.

I introduce a new character who still doesn’t have a name. He’s immortal like John, but he’s much younger and has a different outlook on life. He plays a big part in some of the “off-screen” stories I’ll write when I finish the main series, and he provides a major clue in Volume 6.



Writing a contemporary fantasy series

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