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When Edinburgh Scotland’s high school girlfriend, Fiona Dagger, died when they were seventeen, a part of his soul died and comes alive only in his dreams where he can have all the time with Fiona he never got to have. When Fiona’s soul comes back, taking over the body of the woman responsible for her death, Ed must work through his trust issues if he wants to be with the woman he thought he would love forever. The two of them run off to Las Vegas, but the more time Ed spends with Fiona Reincarnated, the more he realizes she might not be what she seems.

About This Book

I wrote the first draft of this in one month: August 2015. I didn’t start the rewrite until February 2018, after I’ve spent so much time with the characters and the book-world in the other stories. I have a lot of work to do to make the magic details consistent with the other books. I also need to do something about the problems of suspension of disbelief, not only for the readers but the characters.

What I like about this book is that I get to redeem Ed a bit. In previous books, he’s appeared as a bit of a bad guy, and I like him better than to allow him to remain that way.



Writing a contemporary fantasy series

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