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Aberdeen has spent the last few months assisting John with whatever missions the Grand Lord has sent him on. Lonely and uninspired, she’s killing time until she can find a real-world job and thinks he’s just hanging around because he has no motivation to return home to Wales. When an acquaintance lets it slip that John’s had plans from day one to pass his immortality and all associated responsibilities onto her, the resulting argument leads the two of them to part ways forever … until the magic interferes so seriously in Aberdeen’s life that she has no choice but to call on John for help. The two of them travel to Kolunia’s realm to save an old friend, and the decisions they make that night will change their future.

About This Book

I’m scared to write this one. This is the one I most want to live up to my expectations, even though I know every book falls short of perfection in one way or another. I have about 33,000 words done, and I think I’ll have to throw out about half of that.

The scenes in Kolunia’s realm come from a project I started my senior year of high school when I was watching all these old horror B-movies. I had a pack of 50 bought for $10 or so, with some classics like Carnival of Souls and The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. I was thinking a lot about what made horror artistic. Imagery is key in this story.

I had been calling this one All This Joy Is My Disease, which came from a misheard song lyric. There’s a line in the Wye Oak song “For Prayer” that goes, “All this dirt is my disease.” I liked my misinterpretation, since happiness makes Aberdeen uncomfortable. She always assumes it’s not going to last. Still, the title was a little too long, so I shortened it to simply All This Joy, but I’m not sure if it’ll stick.

This is going to be my project for the April 2018 Camp NaNoWriMo session. It’s time to go into crazy planning mode.


Writing a contemporary fantasy series

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